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Tulips (the meaning of tulips – Perfect Love)

We’ve got Tulip mania – Adrian and I love them and really wished we had planted more last autumn. We are spoilt for choice with just so many varieties in such a wide range of colours and shapes – all of which are a must for any style of garden. Even the leaves of some varieties are very eye-catching with contrasting stripes.  And what we like about tulips is that they always stand proud and upright.

For those who don’t have a large garden, tulips are perfect for pots and planters. The plus side of growing them in pots is when the tulip has stopped flowering, the pot can be put aside whilst the foliage dies down. They will still need watering to keep the leaves green as long as possible so that the nutrients are returned to the bulb for the following season.

Here are some that we have flowering in our gardens at the moment that we would like to share with you.


Tulip Exotic Emperor
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Tulips Mixed


We have just been looking on our Spalding website at any new ones that we will be selling for autumn planting and there are some lovely new varieties that will definitely be on our lists.



Tulips ‘Exquisit’

Pure beauty! The flowers are packed with so many petals that they resemble double peonies. Such an impressive colour!


Tulip ‘Double Beauty of Apeldorn’

A very striking tulip that stands out from all others due to its stunning colour and double flowers.

So why not take a browse around our web site and take a look for yourself.  We know that autumn is a few months away but it’s definitely worth taking a look and see what we have in store for you.

Be tempted – do it now! They are one of the world’s favourite flowers.








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