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WALL PLANTS: Those suitable for growing up or training on walls.

WATER: A naturally occurring compound of hydrogen and oxygen, and liquid at normal temperatures, water is essential for the life of a plant. Watering is the artificial application of water to plants by one means or another.

WEEDKILLER: A herbicide used for the killing or control of weeds.

WEED:  ‘Something growing where it is not wanted!’ Weeds are the most successful of plants, being vigorous, invasive and persistent.

WHIP: A young tree with a single thin stem or trunk.

WILT: A term used to describe the turning limp and subsequent collapse of a plant, which can be due to lack of water, injury, or disease.

WINDBREAK: A living or constructed shelter to prevent the full force of a wind from damaging plants growing behind it. It should not be a solid structure, which encourages harmful draughts, but should filter the wind as does a hedge.

WINDFALL: A fruit which has fallen off the tree on to the ground; it should be eaten immediately as it will quickly start to rot.

WINDROCK:  An effect of wind on plants which causes damage to roots. It can result in death unless a windbreak is constructed, or a cane or stake supplied.

WORKED:  A budding or grafting term. The expression ‘top-’ or ‘bottom-worked’ is often encountered in connection with a grafted tree. This refers to whether the scion has been introduced at the top or bottom of the trunk.


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