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ERICACEOUS PLANTS: Plants belonging to the heather family, including rhododendrons, which are calcifuges and therefore require special growing conditions in an acid soil, preferably one containing some peat.

ESPALIER: A method of training plants, mainly apples and pears, which are then themselves known as ‘espaliers’ where the branches are trained out horizontally at approximately 15-inch (400 mm) intervals, usually along wires for support. Espalier-trained trees are ideal for planting against walls, as the warmth from the wall helps make the fruit, and also the wood, ripe, so making the wood more frost resistant. Espaliers also make a useful division or screen between different parts of a garden.

EVERGREEN:  Plants which do not shed all their leaves at once at a certain time of the year. They do lose leaves, but gradually, a few, usually the oldest, at a time — so the plant never becomes totally bare as deciduous plants do. EYE A growth bud, usually dormant, from which new growth is capable of arising.


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