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Tags archives: water-garden

The water saving garden part 3

Containers Generally speaking, container growing is a water-extravagant form of gardening as most plants grown in containers dry out much faster than if they were planted dire[...]

The Water Saving Garden part 2

The lawn If seeing your lawn turn straw-like every time the temperature rises and rainfall drops off worries you, you may be happier replacing it with gravel or paving. Paving a [...]

The water saving garden

Most gardens can be modified to use much less water than they already do. There are many ways to make a garden much more thrifty where supplementary watering is concerned. How many[...]

Water Garden - Aftercare

After-care Treat marginals growing in the soil surrounding the pool as any other herbaceous. With regard to those aquatic plants growing in the water area, if you have stocked and[...]

Water Garden - Wildlife

Fish Fish are not an essential part of a water garden; but most people decide to have them. As with plants, it is best to under-stock rather than over-stock. As a guide, to allow [...]

The Water Garden

Next to rockeries, inexperienced gardeners seem to want a water garden more than any other feature, usually without understanding what they are letting themselves in for. Admittedl[...]