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Tags archives: garden-tools

Other equipment - Part 2

Today we take one last look at other equipment you may find useful - Wheelbarrow:A wheelbarrow is useful in a large garden for wheeling heavy or bulky materials around. It shoul[...]

Other equipment - Part 1

There are a few other items you might find necessary before you have been at the gardening game for long: Watering Can: A watering can is a must for watering small seedlings and[...]

What tools to buy - Part 5

Our final look into essential garden tools - Loppers:Loppers are a two-handed, heavy-duty version of pruners and are used for removing branches thicker than secateurs can cope w[...]

What tools to buy - Part 4

Hand or Weed Fork: This is a small fork with a short plastic, or wooden handle, useful for intricate work among closely planted subjects. Shears:Most gardeners will require a pa[...]

What tools to buy part - Part 2

Today we continue to look at the essential tools for the garden Fork: A garden fork is not quite as essential as a spade, but nevertheless a very useful acquisition. Forks usual[...]

What tools to buy - Part 1

  Gardening tools can be divided into two basic categories, hand tools and mechanical ones. The owner of a small garden can manage quite well with a minimum of mechanizat[...]