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Tags archives: daphne-ledward

Autumnal Garden

There must be something odd about me, because autumn is my favourite season.   Ask most people and they will say spring, or summer – or even around Christmastime, but autumn is def[...]

Vegetables at the Patch

I’d more or less made up my mind I would stop growing my own vegetables at the end of this year.   Our vegetable garden is getting increasingly overhung by the trees we planted twe[...]

Magnolia Takeover!

I think there must be something seriously wrong with me, because when I wake up to the sound of rain on the plants beneath the open bedroom window, it gives me far greater joy than[...]

July Weather

With all the talk about this year’s being another 1976, those of us who actually remember as far back as that can’t help but compare the two summers – as far as this one’s gone, an[...]

Gardening in June

Those of us who are old enough will always remember 1976 as the year of the long, hot summer.   Similarly, we will no doubt remember 2013 as the summer that never was.   The temper[...]

Bedding Plants

We waste an awful lot of perfectly useful plants in the name of bedding.   This thought occurred to me as I started taking down my winter/spring baskets and looked for something su[...]