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Mistaken Identity – Views from the Greenhouse

Scene of the crime – ‘The Greenhouse with a View’

Crime – Seedlings destroyed

Accused –  Squiggy the Squirrel – You are accused of destroying the ‘Greenhouse with a View seedling crop’.

Squirrels in the garden


Prosecutor – Annie

Investigator – Adrian

The story so far >>>>>

Up early down to the greenhouse before going to work to water the seedlings – devastation’ – several seedlings have been destroyed. Squiggy (the squirrel) what have you done? Leaves were lying on the soil from the now bare stalks. My fault I suppose for leaving the door open. A bad start to the day – how am I going to explain this to my friend Adrian when I get to work – all the hard work we had spent over the last few weeks, sowing them and growing them on to this stage. Maybe he won’t remember how many we planted! No Adrian I can’t remember planting California Poppies!!

On return from work, down to the greenhouse to find it was even worse – more destroyed and the door was shut. On closer inspection I noticed the seed packets looked as if they had been nibbled – sorry Squiggy it couldn’t have been you – a mouse maybe – Mouse repellent now in place.

Over the following days the situation worsened and the repellent is still untouched.

Adrian arrives to investigate the scene, we decide to throw away the damaged packets and what do we find – THE CULPRIT’ a big fat ‘SNAIL’ clinging to one of the packets. I’m sure I detect a smile on his face!



Where’s my shopping list.


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