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Living plant of the month July

Such a wonderful blend of colours – yellow, red, orange, pink, purple and white – the colour variation is huge.
They literally radiate in your home – and are so easy to please wherever you choose to place them. In addition, they also have a very appealing hairy stem and soft sturdy leaves which make you want to reach out and touch them.

The Gerbera is a cheerful flowering plant belonging to the sunflower family.

It is originally from Asia, South America and Tasmania and was discovered in the 18th century by the botanist Gronovius Leiden who named this appealing flowering plant in honour of his German colleague Traugott Gerber. Since then, countless beautiful variants have been grown: from large flowering to small flowered and in a rich variety of colours.

Fabulous colours

With its vivid colours and the unusual colour combinations which are available makes the Gerbera a very exciting and decorative houseplant. Place it in a matching coloured pot and reward your room with a simple but very refreshing sight.

The Gerbera prefers a light spot and regular watering with the addition of some plant nutrition – do this and you will enjoy the cheerful flowers for many weeks.


The Gerberas that we sell are compact with large double flowers in a choice of 5 bright colours – which colour catches your eye?



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