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Ideal Gifts from Spalding at great prices!

When we think of giving a gift to a friend our first thoughts are ‘what can I buy’. I am sure many of your friends love natural and unusual gifts. Maybe just a simple gift like a bunch of flowers from your own garden. A cutting garden is always such fun to make up a personal bouquet for a friend.

The following are lovely ideas for friendship gifts and also great for getting the children interested in taking their first steps into gardening!

Herbs in a cup

Cuppa Herbs

Check out these ‘Cuppa Herbs’ on our website – home grown herbs are always fun to grow and very handy to have them at hand when cooking. We have 3 choices a) Basil, Mint and Rosemary –  £6.95  b) Dill, Parsley and Thyme – £6.95 and c) the complete set only £11.95.  I bought a set as a gift and then wanted them for myself so had to buy an extra set. Give them a try!



Herb Pyramid

The herb pyramid is also very popular with 5 pots and 5 varieties of seed – Basil, Parsley, Chives, Thyme and Coriander. The set contains everything you need to create a miniature herb garden – ideal for someone with limited outdoor growing space, only £12.50.

Herb Propagator

Windowsill Propagator

This is a great little gift for children – I am pretty sure they would love their own mini propagator, only £9.95, to experiment with.  It’s never too early to introduce children to gardening. I remember when my daughter was small buying her some lettuce seeds for sowing. Great fun – the first packet she had she ran outside with the opened packet and by the time she got to the allocated patch of garden the packet was empty. When they started to grow they were in-between plants all over the garden. When the second packet grew she actually sold the lettuce back to me for a small price!!

There are plenty of other ideas too! Take a wander around our website and see for yourself at


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