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Houseplant for the month of April: Codiaeum

There is a houseplant to suit everyone!  Get away from the ordinary green houseplants and think colour and flare!  The living plant for the month of April, Codiaeum, has one aim: to liven up your home and your life. This plant appears to have it all with its very distinctive shaped foliage with such an array of beautiful colours – yellow, green, orange, pink, red and sometimes a combination of all these colours can be seen in one plant. Hence also known by its common name ‘Josephs Coat’!

All in all it is by no means an insignificant plant! So you have to be brave – because if you prefer more conservative colors, then this plant is really not for you and you would never be happy with this type of plant.

Care Codiaeum

The care of a Codiaeum is pretty straight forward. Plenty of sunshine, keep it fairly humid in the spring and summer and well watered. Water more sparingly the rest of the year. In the growing season feed every two to three weeks with a plant food for leafy plants. Beware of excessively dry air (central heating!). Occasionally spraying with a trigger sprayer and wipe the leaves regularly with a damp cloth.

The important thing is that the Codiaeum has sufficient light! If you keep it in too dark a spot, it will slowly waste away and the foliage will gradually loose its vibrancy! So plenty of light! You will then be guaranteed that your Codiaeum’ maintains its tropical appearance…

We have several Codiaeums in our range. From small to large, for every room there is an appropriate plant!

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