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Home grown herbs in a herbal tower

As we both love using herbs when cooking Adrian and I have decided to extend our herb gardens. We both have quite an established outdoor herb garden but we are going to experiment with a mini herb garden containing 9 different herbs which will fit easily on a window-sill in your kitchen or on your patio. Thanks to the inventive construction the pots can be stacked on top of each other to build a sturdy tower, making it really easy to use. The great thing is that there is a good choice of seeds which include basil, thyme, dill, chives, oregano, mint, parsley, savoury and rocket. All of these will provide you with your own home grown, close to hand herbs for when you are cooking and of course they are insecticide free and very tasty.

So easy to use – just place the pad into the pot, cover with soil and water regularly. The seeds will germinate in just a few days. No mess and success is guaranteed and of course this will also make an unusual gift for someone.

Herbs TowerSeed PadsFinished Herb Tower





So now Adrian we have both constructed our towers and sown the seed pads, off you go home with your herb tower and I’ll be round in a few days to check the progress.

When they are ready for use he can use his herbs and invite me round for a meal.

What will it be –
Lasagne  using fresh Basil
Oven roasted vegetables  with thyme
Salmon Wellington with Dill
Scrambled eggs with chives
Crispy fried potatoes with oregano
Fish accompanied by a lovely parsley sauce.
Maybe a soup using the savoury
A lovely fresh salad containing Rocket
And of course we all enjoy new potatoes with mint.

That’s set Adrian his next task – ‘COME DINE WITH ADRIAN’.

And whilst enjoying the freshly home grown herbs we can discuss some new topics for our blogs – watch this space.

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