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Gardening Q&A

Our Facebook team are always on hand to help you, as well as provide exclusive hints, tips, prizes and more!



We often receive gardening questions on our Facebook page to which we feel the answers would benefit everybody; from the beginner to the expert. Our in-house gardening expert, Gareth Richards welcomes all questions.

Gareth is highly regarded within the gardening industry.
Gareth has had an interesting and varied career in horticulture having trained and completing, an honours degree in horticulture at Writtle College in 2004. Since then he has worked at a leading plant nursery, as a researcher for BBC Gardeners’ World, at a private garden in Provence – and he is currently working for the Royal Horticultural Society’s members magazine, The Garden.

To read Gareth”s latest Q&A session, please click on the relevant date below. We would also love you to participate by adding pictures of your own gardens. From the good, the bad to the ugly. We have found that people love to share and help where they can.

Facebook Q&A with Gareth Richards – 18-07-14

Facebook Q&A with Gareth Richards – 20-06-14

Facebook Q&A with Gareth Richards – 28-03-14

Facebook Q&A with |Gareth Richards – 14-02-14

Facebook Q&A with Gareth Richards – 24-01-14

Facebook Q&A with Gareth Richards – 10-01-14

 Facebook Q&A with Gareth Richards – 24-10-14



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