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Eager for Spring to Start!

Blue Anemone

Blue Anemone Blanda

With all the bad weather around we were very lucky in this corner of the UK to enjoy a relatively dry weekend. After all the wet and cold weather I felt a sense of freedom when I was wandering around my garden looking for signs of spring.  I found the occasional beautiful blue anemone blanda in flower (always a favourite of mine) and the arrival of a few snowdrops showing their nodding heads.


White Snowdrop

 Plus a really cheerful clump of winter aconites that you can always depend on when there is little else in flower. They are great as ground cover and spread more and more each year. After flowering I will transplant some to other areas of the garden, they’re great for filling any gaps in the garden.

Yellow Aconite

Winter Aconite

Also signs of spring flowering bulbs well on their way. The daffodils a favourite of most gardeners, easy to grow and can always be relied on to give a floral display in your garden and great for pots too. I find them very versatile grown in pots as they can be moved around the patio to a place of your choice and I also stand pots of them in the garden if I have a gap.

Shooting Daffodils


Also got round to finishing bubble wrapping the inside of the greenhouse. I’m sure I heard a sigh of relief from some of the plants that I’m overwintering in the greenhouse. It’s looking quite cosy – so might even spend a little time in there this weekend and sow some seeds.

Adrian and I haven’t really got into the swing of our weekly gardening get together – but we both look forward to the lighter evenings when it’s time to ‘get our hands dirty and put our ideas into practice.

Take a look around your garden or the pots on your patio and enjoy any sign of spring that you can find.
Plus, can you hear the birds? That’s always a good sign and something we all love to hear!


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