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Category archives: Advice from Spalding Plant & Bulb Company

Indoor dried flowers

In the summer, we can enjoy the flowers in our garden. Now autumn is upon us and the weather is becoming wetter and colder outside. Extend the summer feeling and move the flower[...]

Suffolk & Norfolk Life

An interesting article in Suffolk & Norfolk Life this month all about butterflies and bees - Many of us love honey and are aware too of the importance of honey bees to ecolo[...]

Planting Tubs and Baskets

Any large container or tub is perfect at transforming a boring patio or decking by adding bright colours and also bringing the garden closer to the home. The best way to use them i[...]

Spalding Bulbs Festival

As part of the continued Spalding Festival, we will give you tips about growing your new bulbs. This will ensure that you can enjoy the bulbs you ordered for many years. The bulbs [...]

Spalding Flower Festival

This week sees the start of the Spalding Plant & Bulb Company flower festivities! Every year we start our new season with new bulb offers over a 3-week period. Of course, every[...]