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Author archives: David

The derelict garden

  This is like the brand-new garden, only worse. It is usually found attached to old properties which have remained empty for a long time and then possibly been renovated. [...]

The Brand New Garden

This usually comes with the brand-new house. New gardens vary in size, of course, but these days they tend to be smaller than 30 or 40 years ago and plots of 30 ft by 50 ft (9 m by[...]

Harvesting and storing Seeds

Do you want to enjoy the annual flowers that have been beautifully in bloom this season again next year? Consider harvesting and saving your seeds. Harvesting dry seeds The b[...]

Suffolk & Norfolk Life

Another interesting article from October's edition of Suffolk & Norfolk Life   The cut off point No more mowing the lawn for John Stone - he rather likes autumn [...]

Clematis Plants

The clematis is a popular plant. And it is easy to see why. They have beautiful flowers, grow easily and are a colourful eye catcher in your garden! Spalding Plant & Bulb Co. h[...]