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Author archives: David

The Hedge Trimmer

The hedge trimmer. This piece of equipment would only be required immediately by a gardener with an inherited hedge, or many bushy plants, such as heathers, requiring regular trimm[...]

Suffolk & Norfolk Life

An interesting article in Suffolk & Norfolk Life by Peggy Cole this month all about gardening in November - “On the first of November if the weather hold clear, It’s the end[...]

Spin trimmer and lawn rakers

Today we will talk about the spin trimmer and the lawn raker: The spin trimmer: This is essentially a head containing a reel of nylon cord on a handle supporting an engine or mo[...]

Rotary Mowers part 2

Never try to free a jammed blade on a cylinder mower or clean out the build-up of clippings on the underside of the canopy of a rotary one while the power is on, and the engine is [...]