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Author archives: David

Suffolk & Norfolk Life

Another interesting article from October's edition of Suffolk & Norfolk Life   The cut off point No more mowing the lawn for John Stone - he rather likes autumn [...]

Clematis Plants

The clematis is a popular plant. And it is easy to see why. They have beautiful flowers, grow easily and are a colourful eye catcher in your garden! Spalding Plant & Bulb Co. h[...]

Make your own Compost

Make a Compost Heap September is a good month to clean up the garden. All 'waste' you can use for your own compost heap. Advantages: no fertiliser costs, less rubbish bags, less[...]

Spotlight - Vanda Orchid

A hanging orchid without soil? It does exist! The Vanda originated on the southern slopes of the Himalayas of India and Southern China. There they grow high in the jungle canopy, a[...]