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Author archives: David

Cylinder mowers

Which type of mower, should ι choose? Choose the hand cylinder mower if you only have a small area, limited cash, or a burning desire to keep fit. Not all hand cylinder mowers are [...]

Mechanical tools

These usually have some form of power drive these days, with the exception of the hand mower, which relies on you to supply the power. There are hundreds of wonderful and diverse i[...]

Tool Care

If you have ever witnessed the amount of sweat, toil, care and expertise that has gone into the design and production of a first-class garden tool, even one as mundane as, say, an [...]

Other equipment - Part 2

Today we take one last look at other equipment you may find useful - Wheelbarrow:A wheelbarrow is useful in a large garden for wheeling heavy or bulky materials around. It shoul[...]

Other equipment - Part 1

There are a few other items you might find necessary before you have been at the gardening game for long: Watering Can: A watering can is a must for watering small seedlings and[...]

What tools to buy - Part 5

Our final look into essential garden tools - Loppers:Loppers are a two-handed, heavy-duty version of pruners and are used for removing branches thicker than secateurs can cope w[...]

What tools to buy - Part 4

Hand or Weed Fork: This is a small fork with a short plastic, or wooden handle, useful for intricate work among closely planted subjects. Shears:Most gardeners will require a pa[...]

What tools to buy - Part 3

What tools to buy continued... Rake:  A garden rake is a very necessary piece of equipment. It consists of short metal teeth, usually 11 or 12, projecting from a metal cross-pie[...]

What tools to buy part - Part 2

Today we continue to look at the essential tools for the garden Fork: A garden fork is not quite as essential as a spade, but nevertheless a very useful acquisition. Forks usual[...]