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Author archives: David


Annuals can be divided into two groups, hardy and half-hardy. Here we talk about Hardy Annuals. Hardy annuals These are capable of withstanding reasonably cold conditions without[...]

In due season - April

Under glass. Sow seeds of outdoor tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, marrows, sweet corn. Prick out or pot up earlier sowings of flowers and vegetables. Complete sowing of half-har[...]

Is it a pear? Is it a tomato?

It's a tomato in the shape of a PEAR! This medium tomato ' Yellow Pear-shaped ' is ideal as a garnish or snack. Everyone will be surprised with this peculiar shaped vegetable. The [...]

Coniferous Hedges

Coniferous hedges The main attraction of these is that you can get away with clipping them only once a year. The three most commonly planted coniferous hedges — Chamaecyparis laws[...]

Garden pond

Every garden should have water in one form or another.   I hadn’t intended to have a pond when I moved here over thirty years ago.   I’d moved house rather a lot until then and my [...]