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Author archives: David

Clematis Plants

The clematis is a popular plant. And it is easy to see why. They have beautiful flowers, grow easily and are a colourful eye catcher in your garden! Spalding Plant & Bulb Co. h[...]

Make your own Compost

Make a Compost Heap September is a good month to clean up the garden. All 'waste' you can use for your own compost heap. Advantages: no fertiliser costs, less rubbish bags, less[...]

Spotlight - Vanda Orchid

A hanging orchid without soil? It does exist! The Vanda originated on the southern slopes of the Himalayas of India and Southern China. There they grow high in the jungle canopy, a[...]

Indoor dried flowers

In the summer, we can enjoy the flowers in our garden. Now autumn is upon us and the weather is becoming wetter and colder outside. Extend the summer feeling and move the flower[...]

Suffolk & Norfolk Life

An interesting article in Suffolk & Norfolk Life this month all about butterflies and bees - Many of us love honey and are aware too of the importance of honey bees to ecolo[...]