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Author archives: David

Eating autumn leaves

 Mid October might seem an odd time to be writing about the joys of home-grown salad, but let me assure you - there’s plenty to be nibbling on at this time of year. My successiona[...]


If you are looking forward to a beautiful and colourful spring garden and not yet planned it – then you had better get started. We always say that spring starts in autumn. If [...]

Not-so buried treasure

Autumn arrived with a bump last week. On Friday, as I cycled to the allotment to feed the chickens before work I noticed an unfamiliar chill in the air, and a rush of gold infusing[...]


Daffodils. There can be few flowers which conjure up such an instant, well-defined image: cheery ranks of bright yellow knee-high flowers in mid-April. For many people that’s where[...]

An Edible Rainbow

  When I wrote my first blog about tomatoes back in March it was the other end of the season; all I had were sappy little plants in a windowsill propagator, doing their bes[...]

Crocus before Christmas?

    There’s something wonderful about autumn-flowering bulbs. They feel, somehow, like a bit of a cheat, or an extra treat from the usual spring display of daff[...]

Making savings in the garden

Like all gardeners, I have my hoard of precious plants. Some people collect bonsai, others orchids or rhododendrons. My somewhat nomadic existence over the ten years since I gradua[...]

Apple Abundance

Apples are raining down from the trees on the allotment, making the chickens jump and me giggle. It has been a great year for apples, and all this rain has made them extra juicy. [...]

Dainty flowers in dusty shadows

When I lived in France, there was a tradition that in mid-August - the fifteenth to be precise (the holiday for the Assumption of the Virgin Mary) - meant huge thunderstorms, spell[...]